We're a fast-moving, fun-having, fired-up,
hard-working team.

At Unseen, we get to work with heroes every day.

We believe that helping the world's best anti-trafficking organizations is a cause worth fighting for. We're biased towards action. We're willing to try what others think is impossible and we're not okay with the status quo. There are kids and families waiting for help and we're here to send rescue their way.

We're not content to snip at the leaves of injustice. We're about getting an axe and chopping at the roots. And we won't stop until all bring down the whole tree.

Most of your life is spent working. Enjoy it.

Work. Life. Balance.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Work / life balance is wildly important, which is why Unseen offers:
- Paid vacation
- Sick leave
- Maternity + paternity leave

Vision, Dental, Health, and Retirement

Benefits packages are available for all full time positions. This includes: matched retirement savings and contributions toward health care, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family.

Potential Travel Opportunities

We're working in 28 countries right now with more on the way and we've already traveled to Thailand, India, Korea, South Africa, Kenya, Cambodia and more. Travel isn't guaranteed, but it happens frequently enough to mention.

Kahuna, The Office Dog

Everyone needs a little more dog in their life. Especially one that curls up by your feet and likes you to pet him. Don't worry, he's hypoallergenic.

From Fargo with love.

Fargo isn't like that movie you saw. With 10+ breweries, farmers markets, winter festivals, and award-winning coffee shops, it's no wonder Forbes and the Wall Street Journal call Fargo a great place to live.
Fun, creative, and weird

Meet The Team

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Open Positions


Development Director

Work directly with our CEO and major gifts team to lead Unseen's fundraising expansion, and drive Unseen's efforts to help more people.

Administrative Coordinator

Join the Unseen Program Team to recruit, welcome, and support the best rescuers in the world!