40 million people are in slavery, right now.

Rescuers around the world want to help, but lack the media tools to tell their story and get funded. They need your help.

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How it works:

We make sure your work makes a difference. That's why we pair your services with training and support that ensures the projects you create have the highest chance of making a difference.


Our staff works with our partners to understand your needs and choose the projects that will be most helpful


We work together to provide media tools like brochures, thank you cards, websites, branding, photos and video to human trafficking rescuers.


We work with you to build media projects on sound donor and fundraising strategy, and connect our partners to effective donor training resources.

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What our Rescue Partners say:

“Unseen equips us with materials and fresh new ideas to help us with raising support for our ministry; it enables us to continue what we love doing and to be able to do more.”

Sharon, Director of Children’s Garden of the Philippines

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