FAQ's - Freelancers

Written By:
Jordan Maahs

Frequently Asked Questions - Freelancers

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How Can I Freelance with Unseen?

Easy. Apply Here.

How Much Does Unseen Pay For Projects?

At Unseen, We value creatives, and beleive your time is valuable. We offer competitive pay on projects, while providing support that can save a lot of time. We have set rates for the projects we do most frequently, and payment guidelines for the rest. We'll handle all payment conversations upfront so you'll know what to expect before you start.

How Is Unseen Funded?

Unseen is a nonprofit 501(c)3. Every dollar of our operating budget is donated by people who believe our work is valuable and making a difference. We understand the challenges of fundraising, and we work to make it easier for everyone to fully fund their mission.

What's the Process For Payment?

Checks will be mailed out for projects. We pay half upfront, and half upon the completion of the project. You can generally expect to receive your final check within one month of completing the project.