Partnership Agreement

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Unseen Team

Partnership Agreement

Unseen works with your organization to help you grow. We provide media and marketing tools, along with fundraising tips and coaching, to help you tell your story and connect with more donors--so that you can grow your work--and meaningfully impact the lives of more people.

Requirements of Partnering with Unseen:

All of our media projects and training require a commitment of time and energy from you, our partner, in order for them to be successful.


Phase 1 and 2 projects are free of financial costs thanks to Unseen’s generous donors. It may sound ‘too good to be true,’ but it really is true! Most projects in phases 3 and 4 are also free. If there are any financial costs, they will be clearly communicated and agreed upon before starting a project.

We really care about fighting human trafficking and believe the best way for us to do this is by helping great organizations--who are already doing great work… to do more of it!


  • You Complete the Annual Survey - You agree to complete our partnership annual survey--so that we can give feedback to the generous donors who fund your projects, and so that we can continue to improve the tools we provide for you. We'll ask you to report to us on a few metrics regarding your impact, number of donors, dollars raised, and other information about your experience.
  • You Maintain Partnership Status - To maintain partnership status, we ask that you complete at least one project in a three-year period and complete our annual survey.
  • You Notify Us of Severe Financial Fraud or Human Safety Violations - When you begin partnership with Unseen we ask several questions about policies for financial accountability and child safety. (Code of Conduct) If, during partnership, situations of fraud or a breach of safety occur within your organization, we ask that you inform your account manager so that we can be aware of the situation.

Project Expectations:

  • You Communicate Well- Projects work best with frequent and reliable communication between one or two people on your staff and Unseen via email, phone, and video chat. You respond in a resonable time frame.
  • You Complete Projects - Valuable and limited Unseen staff and donor resources are invested in each project. Once started, we ask that you see projects through to the end in a timely manner.
  • You Attempt to Use Products Effectively - Using our products--please connect with more donors, expand your work, and help more people… It’s why we’re here!
  • You Complete Two Surveys After Each Project - They’re short! - Just 1-3 minutes, but we need them… So thanks!
  • You Tell Us how Unseen’s products and services have helped you grow, how they are being used, and how we can improve the way we serve you and others.

Other Notes on Requirements:

Unseen may choose to include a small “sponsored by Unseen” watermark. On projects of considerable expense, we sometimes use the watermark so that your donors know that the costs were sponsored on your behalf.

All details and expectations for each project will be discussed in detail before each project begins in a Creative Service Agreement (CSA).

Communication: Projects work best with frequent and reliable communication between one or two people on your staff and Unseen via email, phone, and video chat. In order to protect the time of our creatives, if projects are not moving forward, we can suspend the project. Failure to finish projects you start may impact Unseen’s ability to partner with you on future projects.

Both you and Unseen will have the opportunity to evaluate the partnership as projects are completed. If projects are not being completed well, or not being used effectively, we may need to stop, pause, or re-evaluate partnership.

More Info on Partnership: 

For a further overview of Unseen Partnership and how it works, please see Partnering with Unseen.

Release of Media and Privacy:

We believe in sharing hope over darkness. We care deeply about protecting the dignity of people and highlighting their strength and humanity, and take steps to tell that story well through the communication pieces we create for you.

Initial projects are often completed by using some of your existing photos, branding, or other media. We’ll ask you to provide high quality versions of these elements to us as needed, so please let us know of any copyright or distribution agreements with other artists.

  • Use of Creative Collateral in Unseen Marketing - In order to share the good news about the partnership with Unseen’s donor base, we may use these elements in our own promotional materials (online updates, print, web, etc). By agreeing to partnership, you also agree to release the use of these items to Unseen to represent our work. As an extra layer of privacy, unseen may not include the name of your organization along with photos. (e.g. instead of “Hope Life Foundation” we might say “our partner in Thailand.”)
  • Use of Testimonials and Shared Information - Information you share with our staff about the use of our products or about your organization may be shared with Unseen’s staff and support base to improve our services and retain and attract donors (e.g. “These brochures have really helped us grow!”).
  • Use of Public Information - Unseen may share any information you’ve released publicly with our staff, donors, or potential donors. Public information may include newsletters, public social media posts, news articles, information on your website, and other information available on the internet.

If there is a reason we should not use an element (confidentiality of person in photo, agreement with the artist who originally created the element, etc.) please let us know. We want to honor and represent your work, as well as our partnership, accurately!

Media Ownership:

The materials created by Unseen are for the benefit of you, our partner. You get “distribution rights,” meaning the ability to print and share as you want. Unseen retains “ownership rights,” meaning the control of edits, changes, and creation of the media piece. This also applies to photos and videos captured by Unseen.

We may send equipment and or provide training for you to capture images or video. Unseen may use the images and video collected in our own media unless you choose to limit our usage of those images. It’s our intent to comply with any privacy concerns you have relating to the use of images of the people you serve.

Unseen provides and retains design and creative control on media projects. You guide this process through feedback and discussion at the onset of all projects to set our artists up for success. Our staff will ask you to submit all necessary information, follow through on distribution plans we create together and follow up after the project is done.  

Ending Partnership:

Either the partner or Unseen can end partnership at any time. Since we have the responsibility to invest our donors dollars wisely, we may choose to end partnership where projects are not being utilized well. Unseen will consider you a partner until you cancel in writing.

Failure to meet requirements may also result in the ending or pausing of partnership with Unseen.


This Agreement incorporated the entire understanding of the Parties, the Parties agree to all of its terms, and acknowledges receipt of a completed copy of this Contract Agreement signed by all Parties. Any modification of this Contract Agreement must be in writing and signed by all Parties. This Contract Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of North Dakota and the United States of America. The Parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of North Dakota and the United States of America over any claim or matter arising under or in connection with this Contract Agreement. If any claim or dispute arises, the Parties agree to attempt to settle through discussion and negotiation. If no agreement can be reached, the Parties agree to utilize professional legal mediation services prior to seeking action with the court system. Unseen’s Creative Service Agreement document outlines the Creative Services, Admin, and Costs for the organization.