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Info Cards are a great tool for connecting with new and existing donors. It can be used at booths and trade fairs, as handouts at events and banquets, or in one-to-one settings. This can be combined with the Donation Card or Brochure to provide a simple way for people to get involved.
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We're currently developing this product. You're welcome to request it, though you can expect a slightly (or not so slightly) bumpy process as we iron out the details. In addition, we may ask you for some extra feedback on your experience to improve this project for someone else. Thanks for going with the flow!

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Remind Donors Who You Are, and What You Do

There's so much distraction everywhere. This Info Card will help you cut through distractions and communicate your mission to current and potential donors. If you have difficulty explaining who you are in a fast, simple, and compelling way, these cards can help.

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"The cards are beautiful and say exactly what we hoped for, in just the right way."

Nikki - Mercy House

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